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About Us
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MAINNING is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of bulk cable, connection cable and cable assemblies in China. There are 8 units in our company. Which they separately manufacturer high quality bulk cable, connection cable and cable assemblies.
Bulk Cable is covering of Multi-Core & Multi-Pair Cable, Coax Cable, LAN Network, Power cable, Single Wire(UL/CSA, VDE, Tri-rated, Automotive) etc.
Connection Cable is covering of HDMI Cable, Display port Cable, SVGA Cable, DVI Cable, USB 3.0 Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, RJ45 Patch, SATA, A/V Cable, DB Series Cable, Power Cord, Custom Cable Assemblies etc.
MAINNING export mostly to Europe and North America market against following advantage:
1.       Perfect Management System
Our manufacturers use ERP management system to assure each batch quality stable and deliver in time. Sales Dep. use CRM management system to assure every customers order and every item could be correctly fulfilled internally.
2.       Product Development
Against professional technical team, each month, MAINNING successfully completed 3-5 project on custom cable assemblies.
3.       Strictly Quality Control System
We strictly fulfill Quality Control System according ISO9001 to keep high quality products and stable quality.
4.       Big Production Ability
We are with big production ability to ensure big quantities delivery in time.
5.       Approach Customers Regularly
MAINNING sales people often approach customers, to collect customer’s requirements, feedback, improve advice and market info., And forward them to the relevant Dep. In time, which assure that sales people are familiar to the market demands and legal.
6.       Fastest Response
Any people, any department, any time, any where, the fastest response is needed in the shortest time ,especially for sales people.
7.       RoHS Compliant
All products from MAINNING comply with RoHS (2002/95/EC)
8.       OEM and ODM Welcome